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Stop by our Chile Roast!

We are fire-roasting a truckload of freshly picked chiles from Musso's Family Farm in Pueblo.

4th - Saturday, September 5th
Tony’s Market on Dry Creek in Centennial & Tony’s Market off Santa Fe in Castle Pines

5th - Saturday, September 12th
Tony’s Market on Bowles in Littleton & TBD

Additional Chile Roasts Scheduled. Please check Tony’s eNews for dates and locations. Tips for GREAT Roasted Chiles - Most roadside stands don't have running water, but we do! A cold water rinse during roasting makes the skins much easier to peel! Our pre-packaged freezer-ready quarts of chiles are in new microwave/freezer safe containers that don't crack in the freezer; they better protect from freezer burn, and they're easier to thaw (quickly in the microwave or a couple hours in tepid water).