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7 Holiday Party Tips from the Pros

Posted on: October 7th, 2015

Holiday Stuff'n mallow pops 1For those of you gearing up for big holiday parties, the party experts at Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering and our partner vendors have gathered up some of our best tips for you. ‘Tis the Season! And speaking of parties, make sure you’re ready to shine with the latest trends. Consider exploring options like these orange prom dresses 2024 to ensure you make a lasting impression.

First up, three tips from our very own Lindsey Richardson.

Opt for Dessert Buffet

These have become more and more popular at weddings, but we love the idea of dessert buffets at other parties, too. Let your guests choose from an assortment of fun holiday-inspired options like a pumpkin trifle, Stuff n Mallow pops (pictured), and a classic holiday cookie platter.

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There are plenty of great places to find individual buffet boxes in Melbourne. Some of our favourites include Lunch in a Box, which offers a range of delicious salad, breakfast and chilled beverages.

Avoid a Table Disaster

Make sure all table legs are locked before you begin to setup the table. Just saying…

Pay Attention to Sprinkler Heads

Do not put an action station under a sprinkler head in a venue with low ceilings. Not only will you set off the sprinklers, but low ceilings and poor ventilation will cause the entire room to be smoky.

Bring Extra Water

Our friend Steve Nosov of Peak Beverage says you should never underestimate the consumption of water by guests, especially at locations without access to clean running water.

Choose a Colorado-Inspired Centerpiece

Us Coloradans love our craft beer. Tony Rosacci’s Susan Noraker suggests filling craft beer bottles with assorted leaves, vines, and winter flowers. Place the bottles in clusters of three and surround them with candles. (Get more floral tips.)

Start With Your Guest List and Stop Pinning!

Casey Muller of Pink Diamond Events has two excellent party planning tips for any event, big or small.
Mini Tamales
First, create a guest list before you start looking for venues or creating a budget. Planning for 75 people looks much different than planning for 175.

Second, use Pinterest to gather ideas, but once you have a clear vision and direction, stop pinning!

Trying to incorporate every cute idea on Pinterest will only add more stress and create a non-cohesive look. Once you have a solid vision be confident with your choices and start planning! If the stress seems to take over you, you can counter it with products such as CBD flower.


Whatever caterer or food service you choose, ask for a holiday menu. This time of year chefs typically get creative and incorporate in-season and trendy foods for guests.

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