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Verlasso Salmon: From the Pristine Waters of Patagonia to Tony’s​

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Posted on: December 2nd, 2021

About Daniel Rosacci Daniel Rosacci is the youngest son of Tony and Nancy Rosacci. Born in 1964, he has been working at Tony’s since the day it opened in Centennial, Colorado 1978. Daniel has never worked a day in his life outside Tony’s. He has had a unique opportunity in working, living and experiencing the…

American Wagyu Gold T-Bone Steaks

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Posted on: September 8th, 2021

This classic T-Bone Steak is American Wagyu Gold Grade beef. Translation: It’s the best damn beef you can sink your teeth into on this side of the Atlantic. Wet aged for 21+ days and beautifully marbled well beyond the traditional prime beef. You’re guaranteed to get a rich meaty flavor with every bite. Watch this…

Sweet Celebration Grapes

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Posted on: September 2nd, 2021

Tony’s Favorite Grape: the Sweet Celebration Grape Sweet Celebration is a crossbreed between Red Globe and Princess grapes. They are harvested just as the leaves begin to turn color. Super sweet and seedless, these are truly a celebration of the change in seasons. They are typically freshly available in August, September, and October. The perfect combination…

Idaho Steelhead Trout

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Posted on: August 27th, 2021

Idaho Steelhead Trout has a tender, medium texture that flakes easily with a fork. Cooked fillets are incredible when baked, grilled, pan-fried whole, or flaked into fresh salads. This fish is grown in the pristine spring waters of Idaho’s Magic Valley. These trout are sustainably raised with techniques that are beneficial for the surrounding environment.…