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2022 Chile Roast

Some like it hot!

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Chile season is here at Tony’s!

Join us at the hottest events of the season! We’ll be sampling and selling freshly roasted Pueblo Chiles at our Chile Roasts from 11 am – 3 pm or while supplies last. See dates and locations below! Purchase individual quarts, half bushels, or even full bushels to spice up your dishes all year long! All chiles purchased will be packaged FRESH in freezer-safe containers, so be sure to stock up.


Chiles are available in our freezers year-round to last us until the next fresh roast in the Fall. Feel free to stop by to get some!

Freshly Roasted Chile Offerings

We offer bushel pricing for bulk shoppers and pricing by the quart for those that just want a few chiles. Please visit us or give us a call for pricing and availability at each market.

• Quart of Freshly Roasted Pueblo Green Chiles
• Half Bushel of Freshly Roasted Pueblo Green Chiles
• Bushel of Freshly Roasted Pueblo Green Chiles
• Bushel of Unroasted Pueblo Green Chiles

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Heat levels

Please note that heat level is relative and dependent on the growing season. We invite you to try a sample at our Chile Roasts to find your heat preference from this year's chiles!

Mild / Medium

Great flavor!


The spice is there!


You’ll be feeling the heat!

Local Fire-Roasted Chiles at Tony’s

We proudly roast local Colorado chiles!

We proudly roast local green chiles from several family farms in Pueblo, Colorado including Milberger Farms, DiSanti Farms, Musso Farms, and DiTomaso Farms. When we shop for our green chiles, we make sure to bring in only the highest quality available locally. We personally sample each batch to ensure that our strict quality standards are met.
Once the chiles arrive, we roast them fresh at each market over the course of several weekends and we strive to make enough to last the whole year in our freezers. We roast a few different varieties of Anaheim peppers for our mild & hot chiles. For the true chile heads, we also roast limited batches of DYNAMITE! You’ll really be feeling the heat with those, but the flavor is amazing.
Join us at this year’s Chile Roasts! We’ll gladly roast your chiles while you shop, or just pick up our pre-packed chiles still warm from the roaster. If you miss the roasting day, don’t worry, we always roast extra to sell fresh the following day, and keep them stocked in our freezer case while supplies last.

Watch Chef Mick talk about green chile season!

Many people consider Pueblo green chiles some of the finest green chiles in the world! Their only true rival are the Hatch green chiles out of New Mexico.

Chile Buying Tips

Usually, roasted chiles are sold by the bushel or half-bushel, but we also offer them pre-packed in freezer quarts for your convenience. They’re only available fresh for a short time so get them while you can! When packed correctly they’ll last a year in your freezer. I always choose pre-packed, our freezer/microwave safe containers are ready to freeze, won’t crack in the freezer, don’t leak or let water in when thawing in water, are microwave safe AND recyclable!

Taste First!
We’ll be offering local mild Anaheim, hot Pueblo and super-hot Dynamite chiles (selection may vary if supplies are short). We always keep some on hand to taste before you buy – be sure to get what you like or you’ll be forced to like what you get!

Mixed Varieties
Some folks like us to roast a blend of hot and mild chiles, just ask! We recommend choosing a variety of our pre-packed quarts so you’ll always have the right heat level for the occasion.

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Chile Roasting Tips

Chiles need to be roasted to release the tough skin. The best way to roast is by the bushel in a commercial chile roaster. The roaster blasts them with high heat as they tumble in a wire basket, roasting and blistering the skin evenly. As they roast, we spray them with cold water once or twice, which helps the skins release making them much easier to peel at home.

Roasting at Home

You can roast your own chiles at home on a grill or over the flame on a gas stove. Preheat your grill on high, add the chiles and when they start to blacken and blister, turn them for even roasting. Char the chile all over, or the skins will not release. Next, move the hot chiles to a paper or plastic bag, close it up and let them steam. When cool enough to handle, peel the skin off, chop and use.

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Recipe Spotlight

Daniel Rosacci’s Pork Green Chili

Ready Time: 110min

This recipe is designed to feed a family and usually provides ample left-overs. Have some freezer containers ready and you’ll have homemade green chili all season long!

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Recipe Spotlight

Anna Rosacci’s Pork Green Chili

Ready Time: 70min

This recipe is the perfect weeknight meal to feed a hungry family. Thanks to the quick prep time, this hearty and flavorful meal can be on the table in just over an hour. Better yet, set up your slow cooker in the morning, and come home to a delicious ready-to-eat meal. Best served with avocado slices and tortillas.

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