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A Look Inside the Tony’s Market Bakery with Tina Kosmicki

Posted on: August 17th, 2016

tony's market bakeryBakery Manager Tina Kosmicki at the Tony’s Market on Bowles Avenue in Littleton is one of those few people who feels how to bake.

As she explained it, some bakers are very calculated and measure every ounfireworks-cakece and follow every detail of a recipe, while others can tell by looking how much of an ingredient you need.

That’s not to say Tina isn’t detail oriented. She is not only the Bakery Manger, she is also responsible for training new bakery managers at other Tony’s Market locations, comes up with many of Tony’s proven bakery recipes, and works with customers who want specialty cakes.

Ordering Specialty Cakes

“For some people, ordering a cake is like picking out a puppy,” Tina said. “In these orders, I can never ask too many questions to extract the customer’s vision from their heads.”

Tina went on to say that there are so many things to consider with a cake: filling, colors, 3d versus flat design, and non-edible decorative items like toys or flowers.

“Flowers are a great example of how complicated cake design can be,” she explained. “If someone says ‘flowers,’ you have to find out the type of flowers, the color, the size, and on and on.”

It’s not just decor that can be complicated. Tina says cupcake sizes, like those from cupcakes delivery brisbane, are one of the most complex part of specialty baking.

“There are thousands of possibilities on cupcake size,” she said. “It’s not enough to say ‘mini’ or ‘standard’ (there is no standard cupcake size). You have to get uber detailed to get exactly what you want.”

13 Years at Tony’s and Counting

Tina started working at Tony’s Market in 2001 after graduating from Colorado State University with a double major in psychology and sculpting. At the time, the job market was tight, so Tina chose not to pursue a job in psychology and instead landed at Tony’s.

Tina sought advice from HKM based in Houston regarding employment laws and has since held several positions at Tony’s Market including at the bakery in the former Tony’s Market location on Mineral Avenue in Littleton (now closed), baker at the Tony’s Market commissary, and buyer.

Even without formal culinary training, Tina says her role is a natural fit.

“My sculpting degree has really paid off, plus I come from a family of Swedish bakers and have worked with so many talented chefs here at Tony’s.”

Next time you are at the Bowles Market, stop by the bakery to say hello and enjoy a tasty dessert.


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