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Random Meat Finds at Tony’s Market

Posted on: October 22nd, 2015

random meat finds

Bottom round steak!

Spend a few minutes perusing the meat counter and displays at any one of Tony’s Market locations and you’ll come across some random meats . Bockwurst anyone?

Tony’s has always been known for its quality meats, hard-to-find meats (like alligator, kangaroo, quail, guinea fowl, and wild boar), and unusual cuts. To help decipher some of these goofy-sounding meats, here’s Tony’s random meat dictionary just for you.


Bockwurst is a specially-made sausage using veal and pork.

Boston Butt (also Known as Pork Butt)

Boston Butt isn’t a butt. It’s a pork shoulder cut. In the colonial days, New England butchers would take less-prized pork cuts and pack them into barrels for storage and transportation. These barrels were call butts–hence the name, Boston Butt!

Bottom Round

The Bottom Round is another word for Rump Roast or Round Steak, which is a cut from the rear leg of the cow. We love to slow cook our rumps and rounds! (Pictured above.)

Chicken Under a Brick

Just as it sounds, Chicken Under a Brick is a partially de-boned whole chicken that is cooked skin side down with a foil-covered brick sitting on top. This cooking technique results in crispy and golden-brown skin and juicy and tender meat.

Kansas City (KC) Pork Wings

This is not a typo. We know that pigs don’t fly. (Or do they???) KC Pork Wings are a knock-off of the traditional barbecued chicken wings. The pork variety is a single bone surrounded by tender meat, and it is incredibly tasty. If you like pork and you like bbq, you’ll like pork wings.

Pork wings!

Pork wings!

Prime News

Another term for good ol’ Prime Rib or Standing Rib Roast.


Turducken is a de-boned chicken stuffed inside a de-boned duck stuffed inside a de-boned turkey.

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