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Ready in 25min

Tony’s Carne Asada w/ Cilantro Rice

Ready in 30min

Skillet Steaks with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms

Main Dish

Ultimate Chili

A deliciously chunky meat chili loaded with plenty of assorted vegetables, increasing the nutrition, taste and texture!

Ready in 135min

Main Dish

Tii-Tip Chili

Warm, smokey flavor—perfect for a cold night.

Ready in 180min

Main Dish

Family Style Pasta Bake

All of the family-favorite flavors of spaghetti with a fresh new presentation!

Ready in 45min


Grilled Monkey Balls

Don't be silly, there is no monkey in these meatballs, rather, they're made with a mixture of ground meats - a Southeast Asian classic.

Ready in 20min

Main Dish

Rocky Mountain Bison Burger

This Bison Burger makes use of local toppings for a exciting upgrade to the traditional burger.

Ready in 20min

Main Dish

Tatonka Chili

Hearty, warm meal that showcases the flavor of bison meat.

Ready in 150min

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