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Ready in 300min

Sweet Onions & Chuck

Ready in min

Grav Lox

Week Night Meals Main Dish

Instant Pot Lamb Shanks

An easy and savory recipe for lamb shanks that can be made in an Instant Pot or slow cooker.

Week Night Meals Main Dish Snack

Teriyaki Chuck Short Ribs

A little sweet and a little savory, but very flavorful!

Ready in 60min

Week Night Meals Main Dish

Tuscan Medley Pesto Pasta

Trofiette pasta is perfect in almost any dish but we prefer them with basil pesto made according with Genova recipe. You will have just to add grated cheese. It is a tasty recipe from Italian tradition, recommended for refined taste lovers.

Ready in 16min

Week Night Meals Side Dish Main Dish Snack

Instant Pot Sirloin Tacos

Gather 'round the Instant Pot for quick Sirloin Tacos!

Ready in 20min

Week Night Meals Main Dish

Anna Rosacci’s Italian Chuck Roast

Delicious crock pot chuck roast made with pepperoncinis. Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner served as a toasted sandwich.

Ready in 480min

Soup Main Dish

Daniel Rosacci’s Pork Green Chili

This recipe is designed to feed a family and usually provides ample left-overs. Have some freezer containers ready and you’ll have homemade green chili all season long!

Ready in 110min

Side Dish Snack

Grilled Green Chile Salsa

A great recipe to be served at room temperature with chips or over steaks as a condiment.

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