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Stay Warm and Healthy with Teakoe Tea

Posted on: November 14th, 2016

Winter is upon us! Daylight Savings has passed, and we are facing longer nights and cooler temperatures. Which, let’s face it, makes all of us want to go into hibernation. Plus, the influx of holiday parties and family gatherings can make staying healthy a bit of a challenge.

Try Teakoe Tea this holiday season!

Teakoe’s Trailhead Chai is jam packed with both flavor and all the health benefits of drinking tea. Tea has the power to boost your immune system with antioxidants, and is known to improve your mood too! Healthy and happy?! That’s what we call a win-win! There is just enough caffeine to give you a little burst of energy without the crash that coffee can cause. Also, there is something about curling up with a cup of delicious hot tea after a long day. Am I right? 

So, whether you’re looking for a healthy way to tackle the day or heading to your favorite spot on the couch, choose one of Teakoe’s six delicious flavors of chai to be a part of your routine this Holiday!

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