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TenderBelly Spiral Sliced Ham Tasting & Pre-Order

Having ham this Easter?

You’ll want to make dinner easy and delicious with Tenderbelly Spiral Sliced Hams from Tony’s! Tenderbelly is Certified Awesome and we’re bringing in their team for two tastings where you can pre-order your ham on the spot!

Visit our Littleton Market on April 6th from 11-2 and our Centennial Market on April 13th from 11-2 to speak with a Tenderbelly representative, taste some of their spiral sliced ham, and place your orders. You can also place your order at the Butcher Counter at any time!

Tenderbelly’s 100% Berkshire, naturally uncured, spiral cut hams are like nothing you have ever tasted. The intramuscular fat marbling, natural cure, and sweet honey glaze make for one of the best holiday ham experiences you have ever had. The ham comes pre-glazed and wrapped in foil so all you have to do is throw it in the oven, warm it to your desired temp, and serve. Not only will it be the best Easter ham you have ever had – it’ll be the simplest to prepare and enjoy.