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Tony’s Neighbors Make ‘Good Neighbors’

Posted on: January 20th, 2016

daniel rosacciIn November, we began offering the Good Neighbor Bag to our customers to purchase, and purchase you did. The bags were yours to take with you to donate to your favorite charity or leave with us to donate to our adopted charity, Father Woody’s Haven of Hope. For each bag purchased, Tony’s Market donated a pound of ground beef and then some to Father Woody’s.

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful customers this holiday season, Tony’s delivered 200 lbs of rice, 200 lbs of pinto beans, 310 lbs of oatmeal, 200 servings of mac & cheese, 200 jars of peanut butter, 600 servings of pasta and sauce, and a whopping 420 lbs of ground beef.

Father Woody’s handed the bags of food out to the families and seniors in the neighborhood to use for home-cooked meals. Over 200 families received many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners because of your generosity.

“I personally delivered many of the bags,” said Daniel Rosacci, CEO of Tony’s Market. “Every time I arrived they were prepping for lunch and people were gathering outside waiting. As I pulled into the back alley on the first delivery in November, two fine young men asked if I needed help.

“They gladly assisted me in unloading my truck, then sat back down on the curb. One was wearing a Blackhawk hat, and I jokingly asked him if he was a Hawk fan (being an avid Avalanche fan myself). He laughed and said, yes, but he doesn’t get to see any games anymore, but his son loves the Avs. He has two children, one four-years-old and one nine-years-old. Upon giving him one of our Good Neighbor Bags, he grinned from ear to ear and thanked me again and again. I am sure we made his day, and he made mine, too.”

For more information visit Father Woody’s Haven of Hope, and check back with us next November to participate in the Good Neighbor program again.

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