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Who Ground Your Beef?

Posted on: April 27th, 2016

tony's ground beefWhy do we hear so much about food recalls in the news?

Because large-scale central processing and over-the-road shipping is the cheapest way for chain stores, foodclubs, restaurants, and institutions to buy foods. This allows them to sell at a low price and still make a profit.

The problem with large-scale production is a few bacteria CAN spoil the whole bunch; potentially poisoning thousands. The more grocers, restaurants, and institutions that rely on central processing, the more food recalls we’re going to have.

But there is another way; small-scale local production. This old fashioned way will never go out of style at Tony’s!

We grind all our fresh meats in-house and from our own trimmings. We only use locally grown natural beef, premium natural pork and fresh natural chicken in our ground meats and sausages. We also use the same premium meats in all our prepared foods and at Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering.

Nothing’s new; we’ve been working hard to offer you the tastiest and safest foods in town since 1978!

One of our favorite ways to cook with ground beef has to be meatloaf. Check out these recipes from our recipe library and enjoy!


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