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Ready in min

Brined Smoked Turkey

Ready in 25min

Tony’s Carne Asada w/ Cilantro Rice

Week Night Meals Side Dish

Asian Fried Rice

When well prepared, this dish is tough to beat. Not only aromatic and delicious, it is healthful, balanced and a use for leftovers.

Appetizer Week Night Meals Side Dish Snack

Apricot Mango Salsa

Hot, sweet and amazing with grilled pork or chicken.

Side Dish

Apple Pecan Whole Brown Rice

A delicious pilaf made with a blend of whole brown rice, plenty of chopped apples, toasted pecans and dried berries. Amazing with a grilled ham steak, sliced ham, or pork chops, as well as grilled or roasted chicken, or even beefsteak.

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