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Ready in 25min

Tony’s Carne Asada w/ Cilantro Rice

Ready in 30min

Skillet Steaks with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms

Week Night Meals Side Dish

Asian Fried Rice

When well prepared, this dish is tough to beat. Not only aromatic and delicious, it is healthful, balanced and a use for leftovers.

Appetizer Week Night Meals Side Dish Snack

Apricot Mango Salsa

Hot, sweet and amazing with grilled pork or chicken.

Side Dish

Apple Pecan Whole Brown Rice

A delicious pilaf made with a blend of whole brown rice, plenty of chopped apples, toasted pecans and dried berries. Amazing with a grilled ham steak, sliced ham, or pork chops, as well as grilled or roasted chicken, or even beefsteak.

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