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by Daniel Rosacci, CEO / President

Meat Outlook for Summer 2020

If you look around your local grocery store, you may see empty meat cases, limits on meat purchases, high prices continuing to rise, and the news stories are all over the board(many of which are inaccurate, as I see it). I wanted to communicate directly with our customers as to what I see happening in the meat industry from an insider’s perspective. I will attempt to explain the situation, but please note, some of this is my own interpretation and opinion, and we all have learned in the past few months that no one can truly predict what is coming next.

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Prime Rib
Smoking Meats at Home
600 Day Aged Prosciutto di Parma
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Update as of 3/20/20

How Tony's Continues to Safely Serve Our Neighbors

Effective 03/22/20, we will be changing our store operation hours (until further notice) to:
Sunday 9am – 6pm
Monday - Saturday 9am – 7pm
Special shopping hour for seniors and other high-risk customers
Monday – Friday 8am – 9am

As food suppliers and grocers, we feel that it is our duty to remain open for you to provide a safe, healthy, and somewhat “normal” environment for our communities right now. I personally take this responsibility very seriously. I am extremely grateful to still be open and still providing our community with a sense of normalcy and steady employment to our team in times where uncertainty and panic can quickly get out of hand. Thank you all for continuing to support local businesses, such as ours, during these uncertain times.

Read the Full Update Here

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Ask The Butcher

What is a primal?

This question comes up a lot because we've been throwing the term around quite a bit recently. Most people know what a side of beef is and what an individual cut is (a steak, a brisket, etc). A primal is somewhere between the whole side and the individual cut.

For example, a New York Strip is a steak cut from the short loin. Each short loin will yield 10-12 New York Strips. That short loin, before it is trimmed, carved, and sliced, is the primal.

Our Meat Buyer seeks out good deals on primals and we pass the savings onto you. You save in two ways: First, when we buy a large quantity of primals, we get a discount and pass that discount onto you. Second, when you purchase the whole primal, we are able to give you additional discount because of the volume of your purchase. When you order a primal, you can specify how you want the steaks cut and packaged, so you can store the excess away in your freezer. Primals often come with more than just the steaks, they may come with sides like stew beef or ground beef from the excess meat that was cut away from the beef. Primals are a great way to stock and save, or provide for a large group of people.

Name: Brian

Tenure: 8 years

Location: Dry Creek

Loves: Rib Eye

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Denver Butcher - Denver's Best Meat Market

The Best Quality Food Shopping Experience

Tony’s Italian Market is the best local meat market in Denver for high quality meats and seafood! As our customer, expect only the best when it comes to our food and customer service. Our strict adherence to quality and integrity can be seen throughout our markets. When searching for a “local butcher near me”, Tony’s Meats & Market provides four convenient butcher shops near you, including downtown Denver, Littleton, Centennial and Castle Pines, Colorado.


We offer a unique experience for our customers. We combine the ambiance of a European market with the service of your friendly, local neighborhood butcher. Tony’s Meats & Market will help you create the perfect meal! The best butcher in Denver also happens to have the friendliest staff. Our employees are ready and willing to help you find exactly what you need and will make every effort to ensure you have an extraordinary experience. Not only will you find what you came for, but we hope you leave with a smile on your face and come back to visit us again.


Best Butcher in Denver, Colorado

Tony’s Meats Are The Best: Our meats are all natural, high grade meats; free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or chemical residues of any kind. We source our meats from a select number of farms which consistently meet Tony’s Meats & Market’s strict standards. Farms we work with offer superior animal husbandry and adhere to responsible farming practices. Tony’s Meats & Market has the quality and experience you want! Look no further for the best butcher in Denver.


Tony’s Seafood Is The Best: Our seafood is the finest in town! Our suppliers’ commitment to quality and integrity is top notch, adhering to our strict standards of purchasing only from responsible fishermen who throw back immature fish, and supply us from day boats. Tony’s is committed to sustainable fishing practices. Tony’s seafood arrives fresh daily via United Airlines by 3 am MST.



Tony’s Italian Market – Top Quality Meats & Seafood

Tony’s Mission: We proudly reciprocate the honor paid to us by our patrons by providing an enjoyable shopping experience comprised of sizzling ambiance and unparalleled customer service. Tony’s Meats & Market is humbled and grateful for its customers. We vow to always engage in sound business practices based on uncompromising ethics and integrity, never losing focus on our company’s benchmarks: Quality, Service, Constant Innovation and Abbondanza!

We Love Our Customers: Dad and Mom taught us to stock only the best; treat every customer like a good friend; and never sell anything we were not proud to sell. Thanks to the traditions of excellence and responsibility that our parents taught us along the way, we have brought this company to a whole new level. The Rosacci family would like to thank you for making us a part of your family’s daily meals and special gatherings. It is an honor to serve you!

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