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Our bakeries love creating specialty items for our customers.

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Looking for something to give into that sugar craving? Our bakery has just what you need! Whether it’s a 4 inch high slice of carrot cake, a stuffed cannoli or a mouth-watering cookie straight from the oven; we have it all! Visit our markets and feast your eyes on our beautifully designed bakery cases. In just seconds, you will be tempted to purchase at least one of everything!

Our bakery has been blessed over the years to have so many talented chefs on staff. We consider them culinary artists! Our chefs take pride in their work and their outstanding craftsmanship stands out. Our bakery managers and staff are passionate about sharing their distinctive designs with our customers and putting great effort into creating quality products that our markets are proud to present.

Ordering Specialty Cakes

One of the highlights for our guests is ordering specialty cakes. As our head bakery manager says, “For some people, ordering a cake is like picking out a puppy. With these orders, I can never ask too many questions to extract the customer’s vision from their heads.”

When ordering a specialty cake, we must consider the type of cake filling, colors, 3d versus flat design and whether or not to include non-edible decorative items, like toys or flowers. Flowers are a great example of one complication in the cake design process. If someone says I want ‘flowers’, you have to find out the type of flowers, the color, size, etc. Cupcake sizes are also a complex aspect of specialty baking. There are literally thousands of possible cupcake sizes. It’s not enough to say ‘mini’ or ‘standard’. There is no standard cupcake size, for instance.

We want to achieve your vision, so please give us as many details as possible! Call or stop by any of our markets today and speak to any of our friendly bakery managers. They will gladly help you order a custom cake.

For your special day!

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