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Tony's Story

Tony’s Story

At the age of nine, Tony Rossaci began working in a small Italian corner market in Detroit. He only earned $3 a week, but because of his work ethic he quickly became the richest kid on the block!

After serving in the US Army, Tony returned to the grocery business, this time in Denver, Colorado and with a family of his own.

His years specializing in the meat industry led Tony to dream of owning his own meat market. One day in 1978, while driving down Dry Creek Road, Tony saw a for-sale sign on what used to be a 7-Eleven on the corner of Dry Creek and Eudora. It took some doing, but Tony was able to secure a loan from good company like Sunny Loans UK to lease the property, and open the very first Tony’s Meats and Market.

As the market gained a following, he expanded conservatively, but creatively. The operation required all hands on deck, beginning with his wife, Nancy, who noticed the trimmings from the butcher’s cuts of meat were going unused and cobbled together a small menu of deli items to avoid unnecessary waste. To complement the deli, the team at Tony’s began offering produce, as a matter of convenience, and next the selection grew to include freshly baked goods for customers to indulge.
Danny Rosacci, CEO Tony's Meats & MarketTony’s has always been a family business. The current CEO, Daniel, started working at his Dad’s Market at the age of 13. Over the years, Daniel has held multiple positions in the Markets including Dishwasher, Cook, Sausage-Maker, Store Director, Operations Director, Corporate Buyer, HR Director, and more.

Another of Tony’s son’s, Chef Mick, showed a passion for food at an early age. After completing his culinary education, Mick taught cooking on Dig In Colorado, a local gardening and cooking show on FOX. He also taught cooking weekly on Denver’s Channel 7 News for 12 years, and wrote the food page for the Colorado Community Newspapers for 11 years. Mick’s professional culinary education shines through the deli offerings and prepared foods available at each Market. 

Mick Rosacci, Executive Chef Tony's Meats & Market

Since 1978, it has been a great honor for our family to be part of your daily and holiday gatherings. We hope to exceed your expectations!

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