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Meet the Butchers

Posted on: January 27th, 2017

If we’re going to source and sell the top 12% of beef in America, then we better have the top butchers to cut that meat! We’d like to introduce the guys behind the counter—Tony’s Butchers.

Butcher Days at Tony's Meats and Market

Mauro Mendoza has been working for Tony’s for 15 + years starting as a specialty prep chef at the Dry Creek market, he was soon promoted to cutting meat about 5 years in to his ten years at our now closed Mineral store. He was then again promoted to the Head Butcher at the Bowles Village Store when the Mineral store closed.

Butcher Days at Tony's Meats and Market

Brian Knutson has worked for Tony’s for 8+ years. He was hired as a meat department manager and found his way ibehind the counter where he cuts meat and helps the specialty foods chefs. Before Tony’s, Brian worked in the meat departments at King Soopers and Safeway.

Chris Traegesser has worked for Tony’s market for 14+ years. Chris came to Tony’s originally working the full-service meat case before getting promoted to specialty chef, and finally finding his way in to the Second Butcher position at the Littleton Market location, where he’s been happily butchering for the past three and a half years

Dave Saulsberger has worked for Tony’s for 12+ years starting as a head cutter. Before his career at Tony’s, Dave worked in the packing houses for several years, and cut game on the side for Colorado hunters.

Butcher Days at Tony's Meats and Market

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