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Save Big. Buy Bulk.

Butcher Days

Butcher Days 2024

Spend a fraction of the money you would spend on individual steaks by buying primal cuts offered during Butcher Days and enjoy the added benefit of your primal being hand-trimmed by an expert butcher just the way you want it.

Save the dates!

January 19 & 20

11am - 4pm

Centennial Market
4991 E. Dry Creek Rd.

January 26 & 27

11am - 4pm

Littleton Market
7421 W. Bowles Ave.

Feburary 2 & 3

11am - 4pm

Castle Pines Market
874 W. Happy Canyon Rd.

Why Butcher Days?

Reasons to attend Butcher Days:

  1. Save money buying primal cuts and spend a fraction of the money you would on single steaks.
  2. All trimmings generated from whole primals cuts will be used for ground beef for the customers. Meaning, little to no loss on your purchase.
  3. Become educated on how muscles break down from primals into the steaks and cuts you all know and love.
  4. Stock your freezers and make less trips to the store.




NO WASTE POLICY: Trimmings from whole beef primal cuts will be swamped out for 1 – 2 LBS of ground beef and given to the customer.

How it works

Step 1

Pick out your primal & pay.

Step 2

Take your primal to the butcher.

Step 3

Let your butcher know how you'd like your primal cut!

Primal Selections

Beef Primal

Brisket - $6.98/LB (avg. wt. 9-12 LBS.)
Flank Steak - $8.98/LB (avg. wt. 10-12 LBS. Pack 5-6 ea.)
Ribeye - $16.98/LB (avg. wt. 18-20 LBS.)
Sirloin - $8.98/LB (avg. wt. 9-13 LBS.)
Strip Loin - $13.98/LB (avg. wt. 12-13 LBS.)
Tenderloin - $21.98/LB (avg. wt. 5-6 LBS.)
Tri-tip - $8.98/LB (avg. wt. 12-14 LBS. Pack 5-6 ea.)
Chuck Roast - $6.98/LB
Dry Aged Strip Loin* - $15.98/LB (avg. wt. 20-22 LBS.)
Dry Aged Ribeye* - $19.98/LB (avg. wt. 18-20 LBS.)

* Extremely limited.

Pork Primal

Boneless Loin - $6.98/LB (avg. wt. 8-12 LBS.)
Shoulder - $4.98/LB (avg. wt. 8-10 LBS.)
Tenderloin - $7.98/LB (avg. wt. 5-6 LBS.)
Back Ribs - $4.98/LB (avg. wt. 9-12 LBS.Pack of 3 racks)
Belly - $6.98/LB (avg. wt. 8-11 LBS.)
Italian Sausage - $4.98/LB (avg. wt. 8 LBS. 16-20 Links)
Bratwurst - $4.98/LB (avg. wt. 8 LBS. 16-20 Links)
Bacon - $7.98/LB (avg. wt. 5-6 LBS.)

Chicken Primal

Boneless Skinless Thigh (bulk) - $4.98/LB (avg. wt. 10 LBS. 20 pcs.)
Boneless Skinless Breast (bulk) - $4.98/LB (avg. wt. 10 LBS. 15-20 pcs.)

Order select meat primals in advance online!

Order a primal online!

Can't make the event? No problem! We'll have a selection of meat primal available to order online and pickup at a later date. Skip the line, order online and still enjoy the huge savings from buying quality meat in bulk!

Order Today!

Learn about each primal and it’s common cuts!

Our Standards in Meat


We source our beef from small family farms in the Washington and Idaho regions. All our steaks are Premium Choice or better, representing the upper 9% of the US beef market. The farms we work with pay the utmost attention and care toward their humanely raised beef, which earns them their Premium Choice designation.


We feature Heritage pork as the standard pork we offer our customers. This pork has superior marbling, a rosy, red hue, and a distinctly rich flavor profile. We source most of our pork from small family farms in the Nebraska-Iowa reigon. We deal with smaller boutique processors that take the extra time to do it right, which leads to an unforgettable pork-eating experience.


Not all chicken is created equal. We care about our chicken–where it comes from, how it was raised, and how it was processed. You can rest assured that chicken from Tony’s is from animals raised to our standards:

  • NO antibiotics–ever.
  • NO animal byproducts in feed.
  • NO supplemental growth hormones or steroids.


90% of the Lamb at Tony’s is raised and processed in Colorado. Occasionally, we’ll source from Wyoming and Utah. Our Rocky Mountain Lambs are grain-fed and an average of 45 days on feed before processing. Grain feeding produces a lamb product that is tender, delicious, and mild flavored..


We proudly offer a variety of house-made sausages and grinds produced fresh daily. Each market features the classics (like ground beef), customer favorites (like Mexican chorizo and Portuguese breakfast sausages), and specialty grinds like our Kobe-style wagyu patties and bison patties, all accompanied by a rotating selection of savory sausages. Our grinds are versatile, and our sausages are seasoned to perfection.

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