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Butcher Days is back!

Butcher Days is an annual event where we offer our customers whole primals, custom cut by our expert butchers, and priced at a fraction of the cost of individual steaks. You won’t want to miss it. Join us on Friday and Saturday between 11am – 4pm. Check out the event dates below.

Save the dates

January 20 & 21

11am - 4pm

Centennial Market
4991 E. Dry Creek Rd.

January 27 & 28

11am - 4pm

Littleton Market
7421 W. Bowles Ave.

Feburary 3 & 4

11am - 4pm

Castle Pines Market
874 W. Happy Canyon Ave.

Why Butcher Days?

Reasons to attend Butcher Days:

  1. Save money buying primal cuts and spend a fraction of the money you would on single steaks.
  2. All trimmings generated from whole primals cuts will be used for ground beef for the customers. Meaning, little to no loss on their purchase.
  3. Become educated on how muscles break down from primals into the steaks and cuts you all know and love.
  4. Stock your freezers and make less trips to the store.

How it works

Step 1

Pick out a primal.

Step 2

Take your primal to the butcher to get cut exactly how you want.

Step 3

Checkout and save!



Primal Selections

Please note: Pricing is only valid on the purchase of a whole primal. We do sell out, so please arrive early for the best selection!

Order select meat primals in advance online!

Order a primal online!

The following primals will be available to order online for a later pickup:
Boneless Ribeye Primal • Boneless NY Strip Primal • Tenderloin Primal • Boneless Sirloin Primal

Order online!