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Tony’s Old World Meats

Experience the authentic taste of Italy with Tony’s Old World Meats. Our collection of Italian-style meats is carefully selected for quality, taste, and the traditional old world techniques used. From prosciutto and salami to porchetta and pancetta, we’ve got it all. Whether you’re looking to create a charcuterie board for your next party or simply craving a delicious sandwich, Tony’s Old World Meats has what you need to bring the taste of Italy right to your plate. Come visit us today and sample it for yourself!

Authentic Italian-Style Meats

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A Tony's signature since 1978

Tony's Roast Beef

Our roast beef is made with only the highest quality USDA CHOICE Beef Top Round. It's simply seasoned with natural spices like salt, pepper, paprika, and herbs, then roasted in-house to a juicy and tender medium rare. We take pride in our commitment to using NO MSG, NO preservatives, NO brines, NO nitrites, NO water, and NO fillers. It's all about the meat here at Tony's, and we know you'll taste the difference.

Made exclusively for Tony's

Tony's Classic Brisket Pastrami

If you're in the mood for something a little different, try our classic brisket pastrami. Made with USDA Choice 1st cut brisket, our pastrami is peppered, cured, and slowly smoked to perfection. This classic high-quality NY-style pastrami is also Kosher Grade and approved, so you can enjoy it guilt-free. Our pastrami is made for Tony's by Old World Provisions, a 4th generation family business founded in 1950 in the Lower East Side of New York. They now produce world-class old-world meats in upstate Troy, NY and ship them directly to Tony's weekly.

Made exclusively for Tony's

Tony's NY Corned Beef

If corned beef is more your style, don't miss out on our Tony's NY Corned Beef (Jewish Style). Made with USDA Choice Brisket that's cured but not smoked, this classic high-quality NY-style corned beef is also Kosher Grade and approved. Like our pastrami, it's made for Tony's by Old World Provisions, a family business that's been producing top-quality meats since 1950. They ship directly to Tony's weekly so you can always enjoy fresh, delicious corned beef.

Made in-house.

Tony's Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Made in-house using only the highest quality USDA Grade A turkey breast from whole turkeys expertly boned by our skilled butchers. Our turkey is brined using only pure water, sugar, and spices, ensuring moist and flavorful fresh turkey meat that will remind you of Thanksgiving dinner.

At Tony's, we take our commitment to quality seriously, which is why we use NO MSG, NO Nitrates or Nitrites, and NO preservatives in our oven roasted turkey. We believe that the taste and quality of the meat should speak for itself.

Whether you're looking for a delicious sandwich filling, a protein-packed salad topping, or simply a tasty snack, Tony's Oven Roasted Turkey is the perfect choice. Try it today and taste the difference that quality and care make.

Hot Italian Coppa

by Maestri

A bold and savory salami with a tender, velvety texture and balanced spice.

Mild Coppa

by Molinari

Slice thinly and serve as part of a charcuterie board or add to sandwiches and salads for extra flavor. Molinari's Mild Coppa is hand-cut pork shoulder, seasoned with spices, and dry-cured for 80+ days using nothing but pork, salt, air, and time. It pairs well with cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino Romano and crusty bread, olives, and pickled vegetables.


by Leoncini

Great on its own or used as a flavorful ingredient in sandwiches, pasta dishes, or as part of a charcuterie board paired with cheeses, pickled vegetables, and crusty bread. This porchetta is made with dual pork loins wrapped in buttery pork belly, then spiced and slow-cooked on a wood fire.

Produced in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Low Fat Salami

by Golfera

Low Fat Salami by Golfera is a light and delicate salami made from leaner cuts of meat with less than 11% fat content. This salami has been aged for 45 days in 100% natural cotton casing resulting in a mild flavor that pairs well with a variety of cheeses, crackers, and fruits and is perfect for sandwiches, salads, or as part of a healthy charcuterie board.

Tuscan Finocchinona with Fennel

by Molinari

Tuscan Finocchiona w/ Fennel by Molinari is a flavorful Italian salami made from selected cuts of pork shoulder, leg, and loin. This salami has been aged for a minimum of four weeks, ground and spiced with fennel, resulting in a tender texture and a unique flavor profile that pairs well with a variety of cheeses, bread, and fruits and is perfect for sandwiches, salads, or as part of a charcuterie board.

Slicing Pepperoni

by Molinari

Complex, slightly spicy, and well-balanced pork flavor.

200 Day Aged Italian Prosciutto

by il numbero uno

Our 200 day aged Prosciutto was hand selected for its sweet and delicate flavor with enough age to create the classic Prosciutto experience. A great everyday Prosciutto, fantastic in salads, recipes, sandwiches or Charcuterie platters. Serve with fresh fruit such as cantaloupe.

600 Day Aged Prosciutto di Parma

by il numbero uno

The 600-Day Aged Prosciutto di Parma by Il Numero Uno is a premium Italian cured meat aged for over a year, resulting in a sweet and delicate flavor with a creamy texture and nutty undertones. Enjoy it on its own or paired with other charcuterie meats, cheese, and crusty bread, and it is a perfect addition to any charcuterie board or as a standout ingredient in gourmet dishes.

Hot Salametti Secchi

by Molinari

Traditional dry-aged Italian salami – original Genoan recipe from master sausage maker, Paquale Molinari since 1870.

Salametti Secchi

by Molinari

Ground, spiced, and dry-aged a minimum of 4 weeks for a classic Italian salami flavor.

Toscana Salami

by Molinari

Molinari's Toscana Salami is a coarsely ground and aged Italian salami with a tangy flavor of peppercorns and garlic. Slice thinly and use in sandwiches, pizzas, or pair with cheese and crackers, fruits, or crusty bread for a delicious snack or appetizer.


by Molinari

Coarsely chopped meat with red wine and peppercorn for an aged yet lighter flavor.

Mortadella with Pistachio

by Citterio

Rich roasted pork flavor with a hint of spice and delicate pistachio.

Roasted Ham with Herbs

by Leoncini

Tender, mild, balanced roasted ham seasoned with Mediterranean herbs.

Mortadella Optima

by Leoncini

A rich, roasted pork flavor with a hint of spice and silky mouth-feel.

Flat Smoked Pancetta

by Leoncini

Made from pork belly and smoked with aromatic berries and wood to give it a unique flavor profile, Leoncini's Flat Smoked Pancetta can be sliced thinly and used as a savory addition to pizzas, sandwiches, and pasta or paired with eggs and vegetables for breakfast.

Produced in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Bourbon Salamini

by Olli

A mini, high protein snack, made with American pork and aged with read American Bourbon.

Classic Salamini

by Olli

Small, bite-sized salami that is a staple of Italian cuisine, Olli's Classic Salamini is a blend of pork and spices. They are perfect for snacking, adding to antipasti platters, and pair well with a variety of cheeses, breads, and fruits for a delicious and satisfying meal or snack.

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Dry Cured Salami

Our dry-cured salami, in general, is ground and stuffed into a casing using whole muscle from primals (the whole major muscle group) and trimmings from all parts of the pig. Using multiple muscle group portions of meat ensures the best flavor from all the animal cuts. Our salamis do not use offal (organ meat/innards), as other large manufacturers may use. We only use 100% meaty muscle tissue and whole, healthy animal fat – this is a traditional, slow, and expensive method to make authentic dry-aged sausages (salami), and the only way to achieve high-quality – no shortcuts – this is the way Italy has produced salami for thousands of years.
We continually seek and discover new and old salumi from around the globe, always bringing our customers the best of what is available worldwide. All our salamis are from family-owned independent businesses, not major conglomerates or giant corporate-owned manufacturers. Quality, taste, and old-world technique will always remain our number one criteria when sourcing products. Animal breed, meat quality, responsible farming, curing methods, and price are other critical factors in our selection. You will always find only the best quality in America at Tony’s.

The undisputed greatest Prosciutto in the world. Period.

Prosciutto di Parma

Although we may carry other fine Italian made prosciutto, we will always carry Prosciutto di Parma as our premier Prosciutto in our Old World Meat collection.

Prosciutto di Parma or Prosciutto of the Parma region of Italy is superior for many many reasons. To this day the only ingredient in these dry cure hams are Pork, Sea Salt, Air and Time. No water added, not preservatives, no other additives, the same way is was created and made during the Roman Empire.

Only local heritage pork breeds can be used in making Prosciutto di Parma. These breeds date back over 2000 years. The pigs must be verified genetically and tattooed by the Consorzio del di Parma with the famous Parma Crown to guarantee their authenticity. They are feed a healthy controlled diet of natural foliage and whey from the Vacha Rossa or Local Red Cow of the Parma Region. Prosciutto di Parma meat is sweeter and actually picks up the flavors of the regions sweet pasture grasses transferred to the meat from the local feed and whey consumed during the pigs life cycle.

Farmers have been using the whey (liquid expelled from the milk / cheese curds in the making of cheese) of the Vacha Rossa, or Parma’s local Red Cow, grown in this region to make Reggianno Parmesan Cheese for centuries. As the cows feed, they naturally ingest the local grass flavors and characteristics of the region. Although, it has been studied for years, and the science is greatly understood, there are still some unidentified reasons Reggiano di Parma (region of Parma Italy) produces superior cheese, and hence superior pigs (raised on the local dairy). Some say it’s the grass, some say the soil, and some say the unique milk produced by the Red Cow. Maybe this region just has the some special magic it has yet to reveal. But the results are stunning.


With the exception of modernization of state of the art sanitary facilities and stainless steel equipment and operation the process remains essentially the same as it used to be done in drying caves and the farmers barns years ago. Pork hind legs, salt, gentle sea breezes and time is still all that is used to create these amazing hams.


Tony’s carries 2 levels of Prosciutto. Both from the Italy. Our 200 day aged Prosciutto was hand selected for its sweet and delicate flavor with enough age to create the classic Prosciutto experience, yet a lower price point. A great everyday Prosciutto, fantastic in salads, recipes, sandwiches or Charcuterie platters. Serve with fresh fruit such as cantaloupe.


The ultimate is Tony’s 600 day aged Prosciutto. That’s over 1 ½ years aged. This creates the same sweet and delicate flavor, with a creamy and ‘melt in your mouth’ fat with a more intense flavor and nuttiness due to this increased dry aging process. If eaten slow and mindfully, one can taste the savory natural pork flavor, the sweetness of the Parma whey used in the feed and even the humid sea Italian air. By far the best Prosciutto in the world, right here at Tony’s. This high quality will only be seen at the most specialty and remarkable restaurants, country clubs and Salumerias in the world.


Served best alone with compliments of fresh seasonal tomatoes and basil, fresh Buratta or fresh Mozzarella cheese, Olives, baguette, and a nice Tuscan olive oil, or Colorado’s famous sweet Rocky Ford Cantaloupe…pairs beautifully with a nice Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc or let your imagination run wild.


To learn more about Prosciutto di Parma visit their website.

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Definitions & Key Terms


Italian word for “salted and cured” meats.


Individual dry-cured sausage, often referred to at Tony’s salami-chub.


A delicatessen or seller of salamis, cured meats.


Single whole muscle (not ground) from the shoulder of the hog. Pork shoulder is nicely marbled with natural occurring fat and lean muscle. Salted, dry cured and aged for up 6 months…Similar curing process to Prosciutto, but from the shoulder, not the hind leg meat. Can be spicy, or mild.


Pork, salt, air and time is all that is need to make Prosciutto…dating back thousands of years to pre-Roman times. Not all Prosciutto is created equal…modern techniques and big manufacturers can speed up the process, but quality is NOT the same.

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