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The Dry Age Room at Tony's

Much like a fine wine, beef only gets better with age. That’s why we sell custom dry aged whole primals or individual steaks and we’re proud to serve you only the best locally butchered meats in Colorado.

At Tony’s, we wet age our USDA Prime and USDA Premium Choice beef a minimum of 21 days (that’s the Tony’s standard and has been for 42+ years). But, to really elevate your beef-eating experience and send you home with the most tender, flavorful beef that money can buy, you have to try dry aging.

To order your own primal, please call our butchers or scroll down and fill in the form below.

Order Your Dry Aged Primal

Thank you for your interest in reserving a dry aged primal through Tony's Meats & Market! Please fill in the form below and one of our butchers will be calling you to confirm your order, collect payment, and discuss any further details and custom requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our butchers!
  • Please input any special requests for our butchers such as aging requests or cut requests. Tony’s offers to custom cut primals to your liking. Usually you will get anywhere from 12 -14 steaks with a 1.25” cut on most primals. All primals do vary, so please talk to our butchers for more details.