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Keto Friendly Shopping Guide 2019

Eat well with us during the month of January

We’re kicking off our Eat Well month in January with a focus on a new healthy theme each week!
January 3rd – 9th: Keto-Friendly Week
January 10th – 16th: Gluten-Free Week
January 17th – 23rd: High Protein Week
January 24th – 30th: Low Carb Week

The Ketogenic, or “Keto” diet is all the rage right now. Focusing on low-carb, high-fat meal options can be a challenge, so the team here at Tony’s has put together a quick shopping list to help you easily find some of our Keto-Friendly options while you shop! Some of the items below will even be on sale, so be sure to check our Specials page during each themed week for more details.

Meat & Seafood Departments:

 Tony’s Meat Bundles Country Style Spare Ribs 
Portuguese Sausage Bovine & Swine Beef Snack Sticks
Applewood Smoked Bacon Crab Florentine Stuffed Mushrooms
Crab Picante Dip Honey Smoked Salmon Belly

Grocery Department:


 Posardi Tomatoes Farmhouse Butter
NEW Three Little Pigs Sous Vide Eggs Tonnino Tuna in Olive Oil
Koios Brain Benefit Drinks

Deli Department:

Tony’s Pastrami Brisket Tony’s Roasted Hot Wings
Planked Salmon with Spinach  Boar’s Head Liverwurst Paté
Grilled Flank Steak Alexian Paté
Chicken Francesca Belletoile Brie

Produce Department:

Hass Avocados Tony’s House Made Almond Butter  Tony’s Ranch Dressing