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Classic Turkey Gravy

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  • Pan drippings from a roasted turkey
  • 1/2 cup dry white or rose wine, Vermouth or Madeira
  • Low sodium Turkey or Chicken Stock, as needed
  • Fresh Milk or Fat Free Half & Half, as needed
  • All purpose flour, as needed


Once turkey is roasted, strain drippings into a measuring cup and remove fats. Place roasting pan directly over a medium flame and de-glaze with a hearty splash of wine, loosening brown bits from the pan with a spatula. Strain de-glazed drippings into a saucepan along with de-fatted drippings and add stock to taste (usually 2-4 cups depending on stock and drippings) and simmer.

Allow 1 to 1.5 TBS flour for every cup of liquid. Whisk flour into 1/2-1-cup cold milk or half & half until smooth (or cold stock). Slowly whisk 1/2-cup hot stock into liquid and flour slurry, and then slowly whisk slurry into simmering stock. Simmer to thicken, stirring regularly. Taste, adjust and serve hot.

Chef’s Notes: Rich homemade stock or More Than Gourmet Glace de Volaille (roasted turkey stock) is suggested at half reconstitution. Can also be thickened with cornstarch or arrowroot. Wondra brand flour can be sprinkled and whisked directly into hot drippings to thicken.


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