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Chile-Heads, Get Your Green Chile On!

Posted on: August 13th, 2012

We proudly roast local Colorado chiles!

Local Fire-Roasted Chiles at Tony’s
We proudly roast local green chiles from Carl Musso’s Family Farm in Pueblo. Join us at this year’s Chile Roasts! We’ll gladly roast your chiles while you shop, or just pick up our pre-packed chiles still warm from the roaster. If you miss the roasting day, don’t worry, we always roast extra to sell fresh the following day, and keep them stocked in our freezer case while supplies last.

Chile Buying Tips
Usually, roasted chiles are sold by the bushel or half-bushel, but we also offer them pre-packed in freezer quarts for your convenience. They’re only available fresh for a short time so get them while you can! When packed correctly they’ll last a year in your freezer. I always choose pre-packed, our freezer/microwave safe containers are ready to freeze, won’t crack in the freezer, don’t leak or let water in when thawing in water, are microwave safe AND recyclable!

Taste First!
We’ll be offering local mild Anaheim, hot Pueblo and super-hot Dynamite chiles (selection may vary if supplies are short). We always keep some on hand to taste before you buy – be sure to get what you like or you’ll be forced to like what you get!

Mixed Varieties
Some folks like us to roast a blend of hot and mild chiles, just ask! I recommend choosing a variety of our pre-packed quarts so you’ll always have the right heat level for the occasion.

“Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili.” – Alleged dying words of Kit Carson (1809-1868) Frontiersman and Mountain Man


Roasting Tips
Chiles need to be roasted to release the tough skin. The best way to roast is by the bushel in a commercial chile roaster. The roaster blasts them with high heat as they tumble in a wire basket, roasting and blistering the skin evenly. As they roast, we spray them with cold water once or twice, which helps the skins release making them much easier to peel at home.

I’ve heard folks say not to rinse the chiles because it washes away the smoky flavor – but I don’t buy it! I’ve tried it both ways and it’s just not true. I believe this myth came from roadside vendors that don’t have running water (very few of them do).

Roasting Your Own Chiles
You can roast your own chiles at home on a grill or over the flame on a gas stove. Preheat your grill on high, add the chiles and when they start to blacken and blister, turn them for even roasting. It’s important to char the chile all over, or the skins will not release. Next, move the hot chiles to a paper or plastic bag, close it up and let them steam. When cool enough to handle, peel the skin off, chop and use. Unless you have lots of time and even more patience, I only recommend roasting your own in a pinch – it’s vastly easier and better to get your chiles pre-roasted!

Peeling and Freezing Chiles
Carl’s canned chiles are also at Tony’s!
Some folks like to peel their chiles right away while they are warm, if you do, remove the stems and seeds at the same time for speed and convenience. I freeze mine with the skins on and peel just before using at the sink with a trickle of water running to rinse the skins away.

How Long Do They Last?
Chiles will last well in the freezer for up to one year, losing some of their heat and texture with time depending on how they are packaged. They easily last 12 months in our pre-packed quarts. If you choose to pack your own, you can use Ziploc bags (4-6 months) or the new Ziploc Vacuum bags work better (thicker bags with a pump to remove the air (9-12 months).

Other Options
Carl’s chiles are also available bottled in our produce department (pictured right), choose mild, medium or hot – very convenient and great as a salsa right out of the jar! We also make homemade Pork or Chicken Green Chili (in our freezer case), as well as our own canned Green Chile Sauce for smothering (pictured below).

A Note About Hatch Chiles
Hatch New Mexico has done a good job marketing their chiles, but they are not better than our local chiles! We’ve done a lot of blind comparative tasting to confirm this and both Hatch and Pueblo chiles consistently tasted great and nobody could definitively tell the difference! Please join us in supporting our local chile farmers!

The ultimate green chile sauce for smothering!

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