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About the Famous Prosciutto Slicer at Tony’s

Posted on: July 20th, 2016

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omcan-volcano-1At the Tony’s Market Broadway location, there is a hefty red slicer sitting near the deli counter that is affectionately called the “prosciutto slicer.” It’s a beast weighing in at more than 175 pounds with a hand crank and all.

Despite its size, the slicer shaves off the thinnest and most delicate slices of cured meats, making it perfect for prosciutto, but you can slice practically any cured meat on it.

The brand is Omcan Volano, and we use it every day.

The Omcan Volcano Flywheel Slicer Stats

  • The slicer has a simple design that uses an almost 15″ stationary blade and weighted platform to move the meat across — that’s the reason the slices can be so thin and uniform. The weight of the meat is centered on the platform, so the blade can shave with very little resistance.
  • The speed at which the flywheel is cranked also matters. It is important to use a steady, continuous crank when slicing so the blade does not falter or shudder mid-slice. An unsteady crank will create ripples in the meat or move the leg of prosciutto out of alignment with the blade.proscuitto

This Omcan is not the fastest machine, but it’s the most traditional and in our opinion highest quality slice you can get.

Next time you are in the Tony’s Market on Broadway, stop by to check out the red slicer. We are always happy to offer sample slices of our wide charcuterie selection.

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