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From Sides of Beef to Meat Bundles from the Butcher

Posted on: October 1st, 2015

Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, many of our guests came from farming and ranching backgrounds, and they shopped at Tony’s because they understood quality and were just not happy with the meats they got in the big box grocery stores. It was common for folks to have a big freezer in their garage or basement, so quarters or sides of beef were a natural choice.

Today, meat processing and shopping trends have changed, so our smaller meat bundles have become one of our most popular sales categories, especially this time of year.

denver tony's market in 1980s

This picture goes back to 1984 and features Daniel Rosacci and David Rook among others.

Traditional Time of Year for Harvesting Meat

Before we had the advanced farming technologies we have today, most animals were slaughtered in the fall before the cold set in. Farmers prepared for the winter by stockpiling feed and other resources, which meant consumers would make their orders for a side of meat in September and October.

Meat Bundles – The New Way To Stock Up and Save!

convenient bundles of meat from tony'sAs large home freezers became less common, we adapted smaller meat bundles to better suit our guests’ needs, and it didn’t take long for them to become wildly popular! Requiring a lot less space and investment, meat bundles can be beef only or a combination of beef, pork, chicken, and even homemade microwave ready foods.

Meat bundles save you approximately 15-20% from the counter price, but most guests feel the biggest advantage is the convenience and time saved; simply pull out a package in the morning and it’s ready to cook when you get home.

One of our latest featured bundles, the Tailgate Bundle, includes:

You can see that it contains more than one type of meat and different cuts. Custom bundles are also available. All bundle orders require a 48-hour notice.

Even though the fall is no longer the time that you need to stock up on your meat, it’s still a great time in anticipation of the cold winter months and busy holiday season. Check out our complete list of meat bundles here.

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