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Grilled Steak ‘Fries’

Posted on: June 2nd, 2010

I have a real weakness for great Fries but hate the mess and all the fat – so I make Grilled Steak Fries, they’re wonderfully satisfying with just a fraction of the fat and cleanup!

Sizzling right off the grill, these fries are fluffy, satisfying and much less trouble (and fat) than frying.

To make suppertime fast, easy and healthy, I like to keep par-cooked veggies on hand. This assures I’ll have veggies at every meal, and helps keep my veggie drawer fresh! For most veggies I recommend my Veggies For The Week Recipe.

When it comes to potatoes the best method comes from the recipe for Roesti (the Swiss National dish, think gourmet hash browns) where the potatoes are boiled until just done (not quite as soft as for mashed potatoes) and chilled. The next day they can be grated for Roesti or hash browns, chopped for tasty home fries, sliced and sautéed or cut for French Fries and finished on the grill or in the pan.

Method to the madness

Boil the potatoes whole and skin on, once tender shock chill with ice water to stop the cooking and refrigerate overnight. Take care not to overcook or they get too soft and crumble easily (if overcooked you can simply turn into mashed potatoes while hot; or chill, grate and make into croquettes by adding cream, flour, egg yolk and seasonings, shape into patties, dip in beaten egg whites and breadcrumb and pan fry.)

Make plenty, nobody can eat just one!

The Perfect Sauce

I used to make a ‘kicked-up’ ketchup but once I discovered Carly’s Gold Gourmet Ketchup (local, pictured at right) that abruptly stopped! If you like ketchup and spicy foods, it’s a must try! A great product from a very small local company and available at Tony’s!

The Ultimate Ketchup.

Grilled Steak ‘Fries’ Recipe

4 Russet Potatoes
Olive oil blend, canola, peanut or coconut oil
Tony’s Seasoning Blend or salt and pepper
– (I suggest Tony’s Harissa, Cajun or Roast Poultry and Pork Seasonings)
Carly’s Gold Gourmet Ketchup, or ketchup

Boil potatoes in a covered pan with medium heat until tender, they should release from a fork or knife easily – about 30-40 minutes depending on the potatoes.  Don’t test the potatoes too early or often, poking holes lets water in and can make the potato fall apart.

Chill potatoes completely.  Preheat a medium high grill, grill pan or skillet and brush cooking grates clean.  Heavy cast iron grills brown the best.

Leave the skin on and cut each potato into 6 wedges, brush or mist all sides with oil and sprinkle with seasonings.  Grill over direct heat to brown well – turn and repeat on three sides. Serve with grilled meats or fish and Carly’s Gold Gourmet Ketchup.

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