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Colorado Seasonal Produce List

Posted on: August 31st, 2016

list of colorado vegetablesIf you have a craving for a strawberry and spinach salad on a snowy December afternoon, you can likely find the ingredients to satisfy your hankering. But should you?

When possible, consider the resources used to deliver out-of-season products. Think about substituting something a bit more seasonally appropriate. Like on that Colorado December afternoon, a kale salad with poached red pears and salt roasted beets would satisfy your craving and be available locally.

Joe Antosiak, Executive Chef/ Director of Catering at Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering, has created this handy list of vegetables and fruits with their seasonality. We hope it’s useful for you.colorado seasonal produce

Click here for a PDF of this chart, which includes even more information about seasonal Colorado produce.

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