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New Appetizer Samplers on a Cedar Plank

Posted on: July 9th, 2012

Making meat and cheese boards that’ll please a crowd!

Hungry? Nothing satisfies like meat and cheese board for a quick lunch in the park, at a concert or ball game, with beer or cocktails at happy hour, or with wine while supper cooks – but who has time to put one together? We do!

Tony’s Mini Meat and Cheese Sampler Planks

Not as big and grand as a party platter, these tasty little selections are perfect for smaller groups – and they’re arranged on natural, chemical free cedar grilling planks that you can use later to get fabulous smoky flavor on your gas grill! Learn more about Cedar Plank Grilling

Tony’s Mini Meat and Cheese Sampler Planks: A tasty selection of meats, cheeses, nuts, dried fruit, olives and pickled peppers on a Cedar Grilling Plank!

We try to keep at least one of these six platters on hand at all times, but you can also call ahead and we can have any of them waiting for you – get the number of the Tony’s near you here.


Mini Meat and Cheese Board

(pictured right)
3 oz Sharp Yellow Cheddar slices
3 oz Pepper-jack or Swiss slices
2 oz Columbus Salami slices
1.5 oz mixed cocktail olives
This Meat and Cheese board is arranged on a cedar plank and ready to serve!  Total
product weight about 9-10 ounces – a nice lunch for 1-2 with bread and salad,
or as an appetizer for 2-3 with veggie sticks and crackers.

Cubed Cheese Sampler

(pictured left)

3 oz Columbus Salami slices
4 oz Cubed Swiss or Pepper Jack cheese
4 oz cubed Sharp Cheddar
Ready to serve on a re-usable cedar grilling plank with
toothpicks. Total product weight about 11 ounces – perfect accompaniment to a
bottle of wine for 2-4 people before supper.

Deluxe Mini Sampler

(pictured right)

¼ wheel French Brie
2 oz Sharp Cheddar slices
2 oz Swiss Cheese slices
3 oz Busseto Salami slices
1.25 oz cocktail olive blend
1 oz dried fruit and nut medley
Slices of cheese and salami with Brie, nuts and dried fruit
on a reusable cedar plank.  Makes a nice lunch for two with a salad and
bread, or appetizer for 2-4 with crackers.  Product weight about 12 oz.

Soft Cheese Sampler

(pictured left)

¼ wheel French Brie
½ wheel creamy Boursin Cheese
½ log flavored Haystack Mountain Chèvre
2 oz dried fruit and nut medley
1.5 oz Cocktail Mix Olives
An elegant appetizer for 2-4 people, it’s perfect for happy
hour or snacking at the park with a bottle of wine.  Total weight about 11
oz., includes a reusable cedar grilling plank.

Deluxe Sampler

(pictured right)

½ wheel French Brie
1/2 log Haystack flavored Chèvre
4 oz Sharp Cheddar cubes
4 oz Swiss cheese cubes
4 oz Pepper-jack cheese cubes
4 oz sliced Pepperoni
4 oz Spicy Italian Capocollo
2 oz dry fruit and nut blend
1.25 oz cocktail olive mix
1.25 oz sweet Peppadew peppers
Weighing in at 2 lbs, pair with crackers and vegetable
sticks as an appetizer for 8-12 people – or serve with salads, soup and breads
as a first course.  Arranged on a large re-usable cedar board with

Grilling with Cedar Planks

Cedar planks are a great way to add smoky flavor to foods on your gas grill, and they’re a great choice with salmon and delicate seafood, chicken, pork, steaks, lamb, game meat and birds, vegetables and even soft cheeses and fruits for dessert!

Cedar planks protect foods from burning as they add just the right amount of smoky flavor, perfect for gas grills, they’re so easy to use! If they flare up, just mist with a spray bottle.

Simply soak the plank, add the meat and place on a preheated grill, that’s all there is to it!  the plank will smolder and burn and smoke, adding just the right amount of smokiness to your dish.  If time allows, soak for 2-8 hours, especially for longer cooking foods.  But for quick cooking foods, 20-30 minutes will do it, just keep a spray bottle nearby to douse any flare-ups.  Learn more about Cedar Plank Grilling and get recipes here.
Buon Appetito – Salute!

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