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What are St. Louis Style Ribs?

Posted on: October 24th, 2016

full pork ribsGo to any BBQ competition in the Kansas City circuit, and chances are you will find St. Louis Style Ribs. St. Louis Style Ribs are flatter than back ribs which make them more uniform. As a result, they are easier to brown on the grill. Otherwise known as “spareribs,” the ribs are located three to four inches below the well-known back ribs and may be just slightly higher in fat-content which produces an amazing, flavorful classic BBQ.

We love this cut and our butcher’s always take care in skillfully trimming it just right for our customers. The perfect, flat, meaty center-cut takes trimming away the ends, breast bone, and cartilage.

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St. Louis Style Ribs are ALWAYS best cooked just a little slower. These ribs are PERFECT for slow-smoking, but are also great par-roasted in the oven before they hit the grill to brown. We recommend scanning the internet; there are thousands of amazing “pit-masters” that just love to share their methods. Or, browse our Recipes Page for cooking inspiration. Go play and have fun with one of America’s signature dishes.

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As always, only the highest quality, responsibly raised pork ribs will come into our market; raised in the hog farming capital of the world, Iowa, USA.

We highly recommend any of Tony’s four pre-blended pork inspired spice rubs: Kansas City Style, Mesquite, Hickory or Southern Style to perfect your ribs.

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