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Tony’s Stout Beer Cheese

Posted on: July 28th, 2016

longview baere stout cheeseEarlier this summer, Tony’s Market charcuterie staff collaborated with Longview Creamery in Windsor, Colorado, and Baere Brewing in Denver to create a signature product: Tony’s Stout Beer Cheese, a soft mild cheddar with undertones of barley and a malty finish.

The making of Tony’s Stout Beer Cheese

The production of the cheese was quite an event. At the Longview Creamery location, some of us from Tony’s, Baere Brewing, and Longview Creamery worked to create the stout beer cheese from start to finish. The process included cutting and draining the curds. Then tossing those curds into the stout beer just before pressing it all into a block for the perfect shape.

The result is a white cheddar marbled with dark brown stout beer. This cheese really is unique in origin, appearance, and flavor, and it is now available for purchase! Find it at your local market!

Here at Tony’s Market, we can’t thank the folks at Baere Brewing, and Longview Creamery enough for their co-operation. This is a product that all parties involved are sure will please just about anybody.

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