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The Lore of Pot Pies

Posted on: March 1st, 2016

Chicken pot pie from Tony's MarketMany cultures around the world have some form of meat dumpling or pie. Canada calls them tourtiere while Latin countries have the empanada. The Greek spanakopita is a type of pot pie, made with phyllo dough instead of pie crust. Pot pies as we know them in the United States were originally developed to use up leftovers while providing a hearty and filling meal for the family. Even though pot pies seemed like humble food, royalty enjoyed meat baked in a pastry. Chefs would create beautiful presentations. Sometimes, they would bake pastries in which live birds would fly out, which was considered great entertainment for the guests at a banquet.

Pot Pies from Tony’s Market

Tony’s Market makes its own beef, turkey, and chicken pot pies. (Find them in the freezer section.) The recipe goes way back. In fact, the first pot pie Tony made and sold came right after Thanksgiving some 30+ years ago. We had to use up the leftover turkeys somehow!

Still today, every pot pie is handmade one at a time and includes a basic (yet delicious) mix of meat, gravy, and vegetables in a premium French-style pastry shell.

Is it supper time yet? Find a pot pie at your local market!

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