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What is a Meat Bundle?

Posted on: January 10th, 2013

Recently Westword Magazine asked their readers what a Tony’s Meat Bundle was, and while a few folks knew, most of the answers were hilarious, and a few were definitely not fit to print here!

Tony’s Stuffed Chops with my Green Chili and Cheddar Dressing, stuffed chops are very popular in our meat bundles!

A Tony’s Meat Bundle is an assortment of meats and other dishes offered at approximately a 20-30% discount – stocking your freezer for convenience and saving you some cash (hey, every fourth or fifth meal is free!).  They’re a big hit with guests and they keep our butchers busy during slower times, so everybody loves them!

We have assorted bundles, ground meat bundles and even steak bundles at a discount.

We offer 29 different bundles based on common themes such Family Favorites, Dinner In a Pinch, Grilling, Steaks or Burgers – and you can customize your bundle by adding on more of your favorites, also at a discount.  As a bonus this month we’re throwing in an additional four boneless and skinless chicken breasts with every bundle order, a $14 value!  Note, free offers vary throughout the year.

Why not stock up and save a little cash – check out our meat bundles today.  You can order online, or talk it over with the meat manager by phone, and we’ll have your order custom packaged and frozen solid in 3 days or less.

Some bundles include our homemade entrees and sides that go from freezer to microwave to table in about 10 minutes – see all our Microwave Ready Dishes Now!

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