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Whole Primals at Tony’s Market

Posted on: March 2nd, 2016

primals from Tony's MarketYou’ve heard us talk about sides of beef and meat bundles before here on the blog. Meat is a Tony’s Market specialty. Today, we explore our primals, also called whole primals.

A primal is a section of meat that is separated from the whole in a recognizable section. For example, primals are often loin, rib, chuck, round, brisket, pork butt, and ham. Primals are special.

What’s the story with whole primals?

History repeats. Baby boomers will remember mom saying, “Run downstairs (or to the garage) to grab me a pound of ground beef for dinner (a beef hindquarter, or side custom cut and wrapped, piled high in the deep freezer).” Although it may not be commonplace anymore, it was really a great idea!

Tony’s built its reputation in the “side of beef” days. We’ve taken the best of the past and reinvented it for today. Gen-X’rs, Millennials and Boomers appreciate quality meats, great variety, smaller quantities, at-home convenience, and the discounted pricing of our Premium Freezer Meat Program, which includes primals, custom meat bundles (you pick the meat), and our classic meat bundles (you pick from our pre-selected meat packages).

Call or visit your local Tony’s butcher for further explanation and to place your order.

*Savings vary based on daily market, seasonal fluctuations and items selected. Average savings (today) is 18%.


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