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Caputo 00 Flour

Posted on: January 20th, 2021

Baking That Goes Beyond Bread

When you want to make the perfect pizza, you’ve got to start with quality ingredients from the crust up. That’s where Caputo 00 flour comes in with all the taste, texture, and tradition that you would expect from 3rd generation Master Neapolitan Millers.

It’s easy to understand why Caputo 00 flour is Tony’s #1 selling flour when you think about it. Other brands of 00 flour just don’t compare to the quality and passion behind Caputo, but it’s also a harder brand to find in the big box stores. Our grocery buyer recently purchased an entire pallet (a lot for we small-store folks) because of its popularity among our customers and given how hard it is to have imported from Italy. This is truly the best of the best!

Family of Caputo 00 Flour

Photo courtesy of Mulino Caputo www.mulinocaputo.it/en

The History of Caputo 00 Flour

The Caputo Mulino (or mill in English) was founded back in 1924 by Molino Caputo and not much has changed since then. Sure, they’ve updated some of their technology, but the Caputo milling process still follows the old-world milling traditions of Naples, Italy. Through their process of gently harvesting and slowly milling high-quality wheat, their 00 flour comes out full of flavor, nutrition, and an incredibly silky texture. Plus, their flour never includes any additives or preservatives, so you know it’s all-natural! They take great pride in their country and take their values of Authority, Spontaneity, and Tradition very seriously, so they only want to produce the finest quality flour for chefs of all levels.

While pizza is a natural place to start with this fantastic flour (Caputo has been recognized by leading Neapolitan pizza associations), it can also be used to make authentic Italian pasta, focaccia bread, cakes, and more. We were so excited to see that Caputo has also introduced us to their live yeast and gluten-free flour. You truly can’t tell it’s gluten-free and it’s honestly THE BEST gluten-free flour we’ve ever tried (and we’ve tried quite a few!).

Try your hand at pizza-making with the help of Caputo 00 flour and Chef Mick Rosacci, from Tony’s:

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