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Why is Western Slope Fruit So Wonderful?

Posted on: July 31st, 2017

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colorado bear orchard

Warm days and cool nights are nature’s recipe for perfect peaches. Palisade takes this formula a step further because of its natural rock formations. Colorado’s summer sun heats its mesa and rock formations radiating warmth onto trees during the evening hours extending the growing hours. By morning, temperatures are at their seasonal low bringing sweetness to the fruit.

Palisade has a 178-day growing season and 78% annual sunshine.

Those famous Palisade peaches we sell at Tony’s taste so good because…

  • When produce is sold locally, it ripens on the tree, not on a warehouse dock or transport truck. The fruit can stay on the tree 4-5 days longer which is the BEST way to ripen fruit.
  • One branch may have 20 or more blossoms? Our farmers of choice hand prune these blossoms and baby fruit to about 4-5 per branch which helps them become larger, sweeter and more flavorful.
  • Without mechanical removal of peach fuzz or waxing of the fruit, there is less handling and bruising.

Black Bear Orchards

black bear orchard tree

Brian and Rebekah Cox own and operate Black Bear Orchards, a 100-acre peach, cherry, pear and apple orchard in Palisade. They grow 12 varieties of peaches alone! Brian is a second generation peach farmer and has been growing some of the greatest organic stone fruit in Colorado (and the nation!) his entire life.

Tony’s is your best stop for local, Colorado produce! We make every effort to buy from local, family-owned businesses and when you shop with us, you’re supporting Colorado’s farmers and economy.


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