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Duroc Pork

Posted on: June 29th, 2017

Delicious Duroc Pork

After years of advertising pork as “the other white meat,” pork producers have started to change their tune. Nowadays, fat, flavor, and deeper color are making a comeback. Chefs and consumers seeking out specialty breeds for their fattier, juicier, and more flavorful properties.

One of the most sought after pork breeds is the Duroc breed.

The tale of the Duroc bloodline begins with Christopher Columbus who brought a premium hog breed to the new world best known for its red color, quick growth, deep body, broad ham and shoulder, and quiet disposition. For centuries this bloodline remains intact.

Much later, in the early 1800’s, a farmer named Harry Kelsey owned a famous trotting stallion named “DUROC.” When cattleman Isaac Frink came to see the stallion he also noticed the remarkable red pigs Kelsey was raising. Frink was fascinated by the pigs and purchased several from Kelsey. The hog breed did not at this time have an official name, because of that, Frink named them after Kelsey’s prize horse and the red hogs thus became known as Duroc.

Duroc’s were identified as a superior genetic source for improving eating qualities of pork in the recent National Pork Producers Council Terminal Sire Line Evaluation. Their advantage in muscle quality combined with their well-established ability to grow fast has positioned the Duroc breed as an outstanding breed as a result.

The Duroc pork line represents the top 2% of pork with superior color and freshness through improved PH and state of the art harvest methods. Duroc pork boasts superior marbling and increased intramuscular fat to lend itself to a naturally juicer more tender product.


Serve incredible tasting pork at your dinner table! It’s versatility and superior flavor makes this pork breed an everyday household staple. Read more on our pork.

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