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Gluten-Free Foods at Tony’s

Posted on: January 25th, 2017

Whether you’ve embraced the gluten-free lifestyle out of necessity or curiosity, one thing is sure – the struggle to find delectable dishes that don’t compromise on flavor can be real. Fear not, Tony’s has stepped up to the plate to make your gluten-free journey not just bearable, but downright enjoyable!

If you follow a diet free of gluten, here are some prepared foods we make with non-gluten ingredients.

Gluten-Free Foods at Tony’s

Where to Find These Gems? Deli Counter and Freezer Section!

Head to the deli counter and freezer section of your nearest Tony’s Market. And hey, keep your eyes peeled – because these mouthwatering delights are on sale this week! You read that right: a feast free of gluten for your wallet and palate.

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Let’s embrace the culinary experiences and savor the gluten-free journey with Tony’s. Because when it comes to food, adventure knows no bounds – not even gluten! Cheers to a delicious, gluten-free escapade!

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