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Meet the Mastermind Behind Tony’s Floral Division, Susan Noraker

Posted on: April 10th, 2015

In 2013, Susan Noraker joined the Tony’s Rosacci Fine Catering team to take our floral decor tosusan-lg the next level. Susan has an incredible eye for design and knows a great deal about flowers. You may think that they are a small detail at any event, but Susan will tell you otherwise.

“As a floral designer, I actually complete quite a bit of training,” Susan explained. “I attend four to six seminars a year, which usually last a full day, to learn about trends and new practices inthe industry. This is important because I want our clients to feel special and that they are getting the absolute best.”

Susan attended the Institute of Floral Design in Portland, Oregon, and has held a variety of positions including account manager for a flower wholesaler and lead designer for major events. All of this experience gives her a unique perspective on flowers. Chances are if you want a specific look achieved, she can do it and has probably done it before.

tony rosacci catering banquet table flowers

What You Can Expect as a Tony Rosacci Fine Catering Client

Yes, we do flowers! You don’t have to hire a second vendor to handle your decor. We’ve got you covered.

Plus, when you order catering through us, you will receive a floral centerpiece for your banquet table at no cost along with a personal consultation from Susan if you desire. And if you happen to live outside of Denver, Susan has ways to consult virtually as well.

“I always meet with brides if I can,” said Susan. “During our meet and greet I bring sample boards so she can get a feel for the possibilities. Pictures of different arrangements, ribbons of various colors, and ideas for props help to bring it all from her mind into reality.”

As a corporate catering client, you may not feel a need to meet with Susan, which is why she has made it easy for event specialists to work with clients on floral decisions. She will construct a sample for you to smell and touch prior to the event and will be standing by to answer questions.Chair Mason Jar

From Bouquets to Centerpieces, the Flower, Color, Style, and Theme Options Are Endless

“You should see my prop room,” Susan laughed. “It’s full from floor to ceiling with anything you can imagine.”

Here are just a few of our popular props available to compliment your flower choices.

If you have an idea or we come up with an idea together that is not on this list, never fear! Susan is able to order the most unique flowers or props specific to your event.

Contact Tony Rosacci Fine Catering to learn more.

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