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Posted on: April 27th, 2017

Constant improvement is one of Tony Rosacci’s founding principles. We reviewed our sausage recipes and found our best improvement was a lesson from the past, in fact, hundreds of years in the past.

Centuries ago, when refrigeration was non-existent, salting the meats was always the first step. Their necessity is our gift! Pre-salting the meat releases the protein binder myosin, creating a balanced suspension of pork, fat, and seasoning. This results in the perfect sausage texture and incredible meaty flavor.

Our century old method is as follows:

  1. Fresh, natural pork butts and trim are ground with our extra course grinding plate, giving it the meaty texture and feel that only a high-quality sausage can deliver (many sausages are fine ground or almost pulverized to disguise lower quality meat or gristle).
  2. The next step is blending in our spice mixture, only quality fresh spices.
  3. For the next 4-12 hours we do nothing… we allow the seasoned meat to rest and the natural occurring myosin to do its magic.
  4. Finally, we hand pack in natural casings which never artificially made (made of cellulose, collagen or synthetic materials). Our stuffing machines are still hand cranked as our European ancestors taught us, ensuring the meat is not forced through too quickly by highly powered modern machines which can mash the meat and give a mushy texture.
  5. Now the BEST ITALIAN SAUSAGE IN COLORADO is ready for Tony’s customers!

After 39 years, Tony’s is still improving, and this time our lessons are from the past. New Bratwurst recipe coming soon!

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  1. Mike says:

    We had the sausage for the first time tonight. WOW!!!!! That was the best sausage we have ever eaten.

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