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Planning a Graduation Party

Posted on: February 27th, 2017

Celebrating your child’s graduation is important and exciting! Their graduation party may be the second most important party you throw for them (assuming their wedding will be a show-stopper). Planning for this event is a key step to insuring a hassle-free, fun, and memorable graduation party.

Where will the party be held?

Choosing a venue will depend on how far in advance you’re planning, how many people will be attending, and your available budget. If you want to celebrate at home, party hire Melbourne will help you with the possible things needed, like tables, chairs, utensils, and even a tent. There are three basic venue choices: an event hall, a restaurant, or your home.

Many graduation parties are open houses, and your home will work for this approach. This can also be the least expensive option, while still providing great opportunities to make the party unique and special!

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To cook or not to cook?

A big decision is whether you want to prepare the food yourself or have the event catered. If you have lots of help, cooking can save you money and let you prepare the graduate’s favorite meals. But cooking for a big crowd can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and, let’s face it, not a whole lot of fun.

Catering from Tony’s is the easy answer for those who don’t wish to prepare food for a crowd. Whether it’s a simple variety of party trays to-go, or a hot buffet of crowd-pleasing favorites, the catering menu from Tony’s is sure to have something for everyone, and every budget.

Entertainment? Invitations? Party Favors?

These party details depend on your budget, the type of event you want to hold, and of course your graduate’s tastes and preferences. Digital invites may be acceptable for an open-house style party, but for a sit down dinner in a banquet hall, traditional paper invitations would be more appropriate.

Your venue will largely dictate the need (or lack thereof) for entertainment. Many grad parties held in venues like halls or ballrooms will benefit from a DJ or band. While a backyard open-house will have more than enough activity from the flurry of guests coming and going.

Party favors aren’t necessary, but can be a fun way to celebrate your child. There are a myriad of photo and personalized favors available from party supply companies. Giveaways like mint tins, candy bars, or picture frames are sure to be a lasting reminder of the fun time you had celebrating your graduate!

Be sure to check out Tony’s Catering menu, and place your order online or by calling our catering specialist at 303-662-9353.

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