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Ring in the New Year with decadent caviar!

Posted on: December 27th, 2016

Ring in the new year with decadence!

Caviar is a fun way to celebrate new beginnings and a tasty treat for a party guests!

What is Caviar?

Caviar is the roe (unfertilized eggs) of Sturgeon Fish. In recent years, it has become customary to use the term “caviar” to refer to any type of fish roe. While this may be acceptable legally, as long as the type of fish is clearly expressed, it is important to remember for it to be true caviar, it must come from Sturgeon.

Grading Caviar

  1. Consistency
    Consistency refers to the general appearance of the caviar. Generally good caviar will have uniformity in grain size & color.
  2. Size
    Size of the beads will vary from fish to fish. Most eggs range from 2.75 and 4 millimeters in size.
  3. Color
    The color of caviar can have a wide range depending on species, age and diet of the fish. Colors range from jet black to lighter grey and can also have a light golden hue.
  4. Flavor
    Flavor can range from mild to rich. Flavor profiles can include buttery or fatty, mild to intense brininess or sometimes nutty.
  5. Texture
    Texture refers to the firmness of the bead. Texture ranges form a soft butter bite that melts in your mouth to a firm outer skin that can produce an intense pop.

Pairing Options

Traditionally, caviar is either eaten on its own, or served on a blini with creme fraiche. When bilini are not available, the best alternative is an unsalted neutral base like toast points, potato slices, or chips. If creme fraiche is not available, sour cream a perfect alternative. Find all of these at your local market!

Accouterments like capers, onions, chives, and lemon can be used, but when enjoying a premium caviar it is best not to have strong flavors compete too much with the flavor of the caviar.

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Guide

American Paddlefish Sturgeon Roe
Native to the Tennessee Valley river system, the Paddlefish is a cousin to the Sturgeon. This roe has a light gray color, small bead and sharp, sea-breeze finish.

The earthy and herbaceous flavor of our Paddlefish roe make a bold garnish. For a unique party bite, top it on unsalted crackers with sour cream and chopped shallots.

Estate Caviar

2020 Sofi Award winner! Estate Caviar boasts a rich, clean and earthy flavor with deep brown to jet black medium sized beads.

Less is more with Estate. Enjoy straight from a mother of pearl spoon or atop a soft mild base like lightly toasted bread or blini. The creamy finish pairs nicely with a glass of extra brut Champagne or dry sparkling white wine.

Golden Osetra
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, commonly know as Russian Sturgeon or “Osetra,” live in coastal areas and they prefer sandy beds and mudflats. They feed on small fish, mollusks and crustaceans, and reproduce in rivers from May until June.

Flavor: Noted for its bright amber gold color, medium grain size, and a clean rich nutty finish. This product is sure to impress even the most experienced caviar enthusiast.

Classic Caviar

Small sized bead with a bold brown to black color and a briny yet delicate finish.

Serve on a variety of dishes like deviled eggs, seafood bisque, creamed vegetable soup or freshly fried potato chips with a homemade onion dip. Grab some California sparkling wine to round it all out.

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