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Verlasso Salmon

Posted on: February 24th, 2023

Verlasso Salmon: from the Pristine waters of Patagonia to Tony’s

by Daniel Rosacci, CEO of Tony’s Meats & Market | January 20, 2022

Until recently, I have not been a fan of Chilean Salmon. The inexpensive Chilean Salmon frequently stocked by big box stores can often be mushy and lacking in flavor. Not all salmon farms are equal and keeping with Tony’s high standards of selecting quality farms we have recently partnered with Verlasso Salmon to bring in their high-quality salmon. We still love our Scottish Salmon, BC Salmon and Wild Salmon in the spring, but having multiple quality sources ensures our customers will always have great products; despite supply chain issues from time to time. Learn more about Tony’s Seafood.

More on Verlasso Salmon

Verlasso Salmon is a beautiful mild, large flaked, and buttery salmon (see salmon recipes). The farms, located on the long and pristine coastline of Patagonia, Chile, do a remarkable job in responsibly raising high-quality fish while still protecting our planets’ waters. Debates on wild vs. farmed will always exist, and I personally love and believe in both. Simply put, with a projected global population growth of 2.5 billion more people by 2050, we need both. Wild-only seafood would devastate the wild populations and drive prices out of control. But we will save that debate for another time.

When shopping for farms and sources, we always choose with quality and sustainability as a must. Verlasso hits both of those key categories. (BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) rates Verlasso as 4-Star.)

I take great pleasure and pride in selling this quality fish from our southern continent. Visit Verlasso’s website to learn more about their products and practices.

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