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What You Need to Know About Tony’s Blazing Buys

Posted on: May 26th, 2015

tony's market blazing buys In December of 2014 our CEO, Daniel (Danny) Rosacci, decided to try something new for Tony’s Market customers–something we’d NEVER done before.

Have you heard of our Blazing Buys?

If you get Tony’s Market’s weekly emails, then you have hopefully seen our ads for these Blazing Buys, which are essentially a quick sale on a high-value, perishable item. We buy a limited amount of the product at a screamin’ deal and pass the savings on to you.

“When we look for deals, we’re looking at what’s happening in the market,” Danny Rosacci said. “So, for example, if it’s Easter and we know most grocers are buying ham, we think about the rest of the pig, too. That’s how we ended up with the country style ribs earlier in the spring.”

Other Blazing Buys have included mahi, cod, salmon, dry age stripped loins, and USDA prime.

“What I love most about Blazing Buys is that they don’t keep us in a box,” Danny explained. “While we often carry many of the same products at Tony’s, this program encourages us to go outside of the norm and provide something even more extraordinary.”

How we can provide such a good deal.

Blazing Buys are possible because of the relationships we’ve built with suppliers over the last 36 years. Every one of Tony’s buyers has at least ten years of experience and have all been trained to follow Tony’s policy for quality first and price second. Sometimes, as is the case with Blazing Buys, volume isn’t part of the purchasing equation, which is nearly always the case for large, chain grocers.

“We don’t buy anything based on what we see on a piece of paper,” Danny said. “We buy based on experience.”

All the Blazing Buy details you need to know:

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